BTS’s V Sent THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Into Fanboy Mode On “Music Bank”

Younghoon had a hilariously relatable fanboy moment with V.

Fans completely lose their cool when BTS‘s appears, but they aren’t the only ones. Even idols get starstruck!

On the February 28 episode of KBS‘s Music Bank, BTS took their first win for “ON” with 7,465 points over Zico’s “Any song” (4,511 points). As always, the show featured a star-studded lineup of performers, including THE BOYZ.

THE BOYZ’s Younghoon is a huge V fan. He has named V as his role model, dedicated a video letter to him…

…and he loves to carry this BT21 TATA plushie around with him.

(The plushie was a gift from V himself!)

On Music Bank, Younghoon crossed paths with his idol once again. As everyone cleared the stage for BTS’s encore performance, Younghoon bowed to V politely.

When V bow back and smiled at him, Younghoon flipped from idol to fanboy!

His reaction couldn’t be any cuter, or more relatable.

Check out BTS’s encore performance of “ON” here: