BTS V’s “Layover” Breaks These Huge Sales Records Despite An Unexpected And “Unprofessional” Obstacle

Congratulations to V!

BTS‘s V is breaking massive records as a solo artist!

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On September 8, BTS V’s long-awaited solo album, Layover, was released, featuring the lead track “Slow Dancing.” The stunning music video hit over 6.3 million views in less than half a day!

As the release day continued, fans waited in anticipation for the official chart ranking, keeping up with updated album sales numbers. At one point, it was shared that V’s first-day total hit over 2.2 million sales on the Hanteo Chart.

Shortly after, fans noticed a huge drop in the numbers on Hanteo Chart’s website, with the new total reflecting more than 500 thousand less than the previous number.

At that time, Hanteo issued a statement over the change, citing a violation of the chart’s rule as the reason for the sales drop.

| Hanteo Chart

Fans were initially outraged over the change, accusing the chart of targeted manipulation, especially after the suspected manipulation that occurred when BTS Jimin’s Face was released.

However, the K-Pop store mentioned in Hanteo’s notice, KPOP MERCH, came forward with an official update explaining the sales change. According to the shop, they reported the sales of V’s album without having enough quantity to fulfill the orders, something against Hanteo Chart’s rules.


Hello, we’re KPOP MERCH.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for Hanteo Chart error written about ‘V Layover weverse album ver.’

On September 8th, the pre-orders for which the final orders were not completed were listed in Hanteo Chart. It was confirmed that this was a clear violation of Hanteo Chart regulations, and the sales volume was deleted.

Hanteo Chart reflection on the album sales will be reflected sequentially by date from the final orders completed from next Monday. Once again, we apologize for the chart error written and try to prevent a recurrence.

Thank you.


While some ARMY expressed anger towards the shop’s misreporting, others directed their rage at HYBE for not supplying enough albums to the shops.

Despite these issues, V still broke three massive records!

First, he broke the record for highest first-day sales previously set by BTS Suga‘s “D-Day” (1.07 million). In addition, he also broke the record for most first-week sales set by BTS’s Jimin with Face (1.45 million) with a total of 1.6 million sales and counting.

| Hanteo Chart

Congratulations to V on the massive achievements!


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