BTS’s V Promoted British Artist Bruno Major On His Instagram, And He Had The Funniest Reaction

BTS continues to promote other musicians!

One of the best things about Instagram is that you can do so much on it, including updating followers on what you’re doing, finding out what idols are up to, and much more.

And much to ARMYs’ delight, that’s exactly what’s been happening since BTS created their own Instagram accounts. They’ve been sharing everything from what’s going on in their everyday lives to what’s going on during their vacations. But most recently, V gained attention for using his account to promote other musicians.


V recently shared a video on his Instagram story, and ARMYs couldn’t get enough of his visuals in the black and white clip.

Yet, one thing that fans noticed was the music that was playing in the background of the clip, and it was from the track track “Tapestry” by British artist Bruno Major.

Bruno Major | @mrbrunomajor/ Instagram

Of course, when V shared the clip, fans started to share their own appreciation for the singer, with some even explaining that they’d now added the track to their own playlists.

After the video was shared on social media, Bruno Major took to his own accounts to share his reaction to V’s use of his song. He shared the video on his own Instagram.

However, he especially caught the attention of fans for his reply on Twitter. While most musicians might share excited and emotional messages, Bruno Major had his own, unique response. After seeing a screenshot of the story from an ARMY, he retweeted it with the caption, “The male singer then retweeted this tweet thus extending the metachain.”

He then uploaded his own reply to the tweet on his Instagram to really continue the “metachain.”

When he sent the tweet and added the clip to his Instagram story, fans couldn’t get enough of his response, with many replying that it was like “songception” as the chain continued.

It isn’t the first time that the BTS members have used their Instagram accounts to share music with ARMYs. Last month, Jungkook shared the song “On The Low” by LA-based artist Justin Park with the caption, “The song is so good….

Like Bruno Major, Justin Park also revealed his reaction to the BTS member sharing his track, although it was definitely more emotional.

Guys, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m just so happy. And Jungkook, thank you. Thank you so much. BTS, thank you, you guys are doing amazing things for our people.

— Justin Park

As always, BTS continues to prove that they will use their Instagrams not only to update fans but to spread their love of music with ARMYs. You can read more about the BTS members using their accounts to promote underrated musicians below.

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Source: @MRBrunoMajor and @Thv