BTS V’s BT21 Character Tata Is Just As UWU As V Himself In This New Animation

Stan Tata like you stan Taetae.

BT21, with LINE FRIENDS, released a video called “BT21 UNIVERSE ANIMATION EP.01 – VAN” on their official YouTube channel. In this episode, BTS V‘s character Tata and the space guardian character VAN meet for the first time. Fans are now pouring their hearts out at how adorable Baby Tata is, exactly like the creator V himself.


The first half of the video lays out the idea behind BT21 universe. According to this episode, a robot named TROY will combine a keyword and DNA to turn into a unique customized form. The robot is meant to “protect” and “help” the creator.


With that said, the second half of the video reveals the young Tata receiving his very own TROY package. After candidates like “Panda” and “Happy”, Tata finally settles with the keyword “Love” and enters it into the system.


Then, with that keyword, TROY turns into the character we know and love as VAN. Tata is asked to “lightly touch” to share DNA with VAN, but ends up running into the arms of VAN and completely embracing the new friend. This adorable first encounter between Tata and VAN is now leaving the fans completely UWU.


Even in the short, few minutes that shared the story between Tata and VAN, ARMYs can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance between Tata and V. Hearts so full of love, personalities so full of irresistible cuteness, V and Tata are basically the animated and live versions of each other!


Watch the full clip here: