BTS’s V Literally Took One Step And Created A New Tourist Attraction In Busan

Literally one step made all the difference!

BTS‘s V was recently in Busan for their 5th Muster Fan Meeting. While he was in town, he decided to take a stroll down one of the parks.


And he happened to take a few photos during his leisurely stroll.


And the photos became viral as anything ever does when BTS uploads it to their Twitter account.


And with just one step, Busan decided to change something about the park where V was spotted.


They created a photozone for the same place and footprint where V took his photo!

Sign’s Captions: BTS “V” Photo Zone Location


The photozone can be found at Busan’s Citizen Park (부산 시민공원), one of the largest park in Busan.


This isn’t the first time Busan went all out for BTS. They colored the whole city purple on the night of the Muster, and RM also had a photozone created at the restaurant where he dined!


These Kings will literally just breathe and it’ll become a hot tourist attraction!

Source: Nate Pann