BTS’s V Makes An Adorable Cameo In Bestie Kang Dong Won’s Vlog From The VIP Premiere Of “Broker”

Their interactions are too cute to handle!

Since debuting, BTS‘s V has gained attention for so many things, whether it is his talent, charisma, and his visuals. However, one nickname that has recently become popular amongst ARMY is “Social Butterfly,” as it seems V makes friends or hangs out with people no matter where he is in the world.


In particular, one friendship that has really gained attention is with actor Kang Dong Won. The duo has always been close. When V went to America, he hung out with his actor bestie and netizens couldn’t get enough of the crumbs.

BTS’s V (left) and Kang Dong Won (right) | @thv/ Instagram
(from left to right) BTS’s V, Brian Lee, and Kang Dong Won | @bleemusic14/ Instagram

V recently hit the headlines after returning early from their trip to America to showcase his support for Kang Dong Won at the VIP premiere of the movie Broker. As expected, V looked flawless and was truly the main event.

Throughout the event, V kept ARMY in the loop about his adventures by posting Instagram stories from the premiere. In one of the posts, V was chilling with Kang Dong Won while promoting Broker.

Well, it seems like V and Kang Dong Won spent more time together during the event, despite both stars’ busy schedules. On June 6, Kang Dong Won posted a vlog on his YouTube channel showcasing his journey during the VIP premiere.

| 모노튜브/YouTube     

Much to ARMY surprise and excitement, the vlog actually had a cameo from BTS’s V. As V entered the room, it was full of everyone greeting the idol and he adorably made his way over to Kang Dong Won, even almost tripping as he made his way through the hectic room.

| 모노튜브/YouTube

Despite being a worldwide star, V suddenly became a true dongsaeng (younger brother) when he was with Kang Dong Won. As the premiere was due to start, V went over to the actor and hooked onto his arm as if he didn’t want to let go.

| 모노튜브/YouTube

As expected, ARMY couldn’t get enough of the interactions. In particular, they loved how innocent V looked and almost child-like when he was around someone nearly 15 years older than him.

Of course, it wasn’t the only crumbs from that day between V and Kang Dong Won. Throughout the event, photos were posted of the duo and it was truly handsome AF.

As always, V proves that he’s a true social butterfly. No matter whether he’s with idols or actors, those younger or older than him, he always manages to melt the hearts of everyone he is with.

You can read more about their friendship below.

BTS’s V Chills With Bestie Kang Dong Won At “Broker” Movie Premiere

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