Here’s BTS’s V Channeling His Inner Yeontan In Response To The Press In His Face

He definitely nailed all the tricks.

BTS‘s V had all the cameras and attention zooming in on him when he was spotted at the airport leaving Korea on July 4, 2019. When he was caught on the escalator, V had several reporters requesting some handshakes and high-fives. The way he responded is now making ARMYs go all “Awwwwwww!”


One of the reporters, standing right in front of V, held his hand out and asked V for a handshake. V didn’t hesitate for a second before he took the reporter’s hand. The reporter then grabbed V’s hand and pulled it closer to him, shaking it eagerly out of the excitement of this unique moment!


Here’s the camera’s point of view – of V channeling his inner Yeontan and sweetly surrendering his front paw to the reporter.


Soon, another reporter – standing next to the first reporter who got a handshake – sought the opportunity to ask V for a high five. To this request, V also complied. He gently raised his hand and tapped the reporter’s palm.


Check out how neat V’s “High Five” trick is:


A third reporter, from behind, also asked to be acknowledged by V who was being extra friendly to the cameras surrounding him. V noticed the peeping camera and gave it a high five too!


ARMYs are in love with how courteous and friendly V was being, even when completely trapped in by these reporters and their cameras in his face. While the level of professionalism was through the roof, ARMYs can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance…


… between V and Yeontannie, his Pomeranian! At this point, ARMYs remain strongly convinced that V and Yeontan are one soul in two bodies – and this whole airport interaction only proves it.


Who’s a good boy? Yes, yes he is.

Source: THEQOO