BTS’s V Reveals His Dad Is His Hero As He Supported Every Decision He Made

His dad is his superman.

BTS’s V is known to be a family guy who wants to be like his dad in many ways. Throughout his journey of becoming a K-Pop idol, he has received continuous support and love from his dad who respected any decision he made.

In a London interview, he revealed once again how important his dad was in becoming who he is today.

Who is your childhood hero?

Like I’ve always said, my hero is my dad. There’s always this moment where you say ‘wow’ and even the smallest actions seem cool. I was raised by my grandma and my dad came home on the weekends. There was this coin box in the car that was used to pay at the tollgate and my dad would grab a bunch of coins and give them to me. At that young age, I thought ‘my dad is the best!’. It’s all because of my dad’s support that I am here today.

⁠— V

What gave you strength when you felt like giving up?

I would have to say the members and my family. Every time I felt like giving up and fell into a slump, the members really gave me a lot of strength. I also talked about my dilemmas to my dad for the first time back then and he told me that he would support me no matter what decision I made and that gave me a lot of strength.

⁠— V

Even in previous interviews you can see that he has always talked about his dad and how big of an influence he was to him. He even once shared his phone background photo being his parents!

V: Dad look at my phone background photo. Isn’t it cool~
Dad: Good!

He always believed that his dad was his biggest hero and that everything he did looked cool and great. Even his motto was to be like his dad. The clips below show just how much he leans on his parents for love and support.

This clip is of V while he was sick with a cold. You can hear him saying “Mom~~” in a sweet voice, showing how much he misses her.

He even asks the camera director to help him find his father in the crowd during a concert.

The power of family will always be the strongest source of support and love that one can have and it seems like V understands and knows this very well!

Source: theqoo