ARMYs Are Running To This Korean Local Coffee Brand To Order BTS V’s Favorite Drink

Have you had your cup of citron tea today?

Starting today, Korean coffee brand Compose Coffee revealed BTS V’s advertisement interview video, where he shares his favorite drink on the menu.

When asked if he had to pick one drink from the menu he chose citron tea as his fave!

I like citron tea.

The honey citron tea at Compose Coffee comes hot or cold and is just 3,500 KRW ($~2.66)!

Honey citron tea | Compose Coffee

Seeing him talk about citron tea, fans remembered the time V talked about an episode with his grandma when he was five years old.

Q: Tell us about 5-year old disobedient Taehyung.
A: I always went on a walk with my grandma. It’s gone now, but the vending machine there had citrus tea. But the citrus tea was all out then, so she said to get another tea instead, so I ran away from home.

Fans saw this were ready to run to their nearest cafe to get some citron tea!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Will this video be posted on their official channel too? I want to listen to it more clearly. He’s so handsome why is he so pretty.”
  • “I can’t drink coffee either, guess I’ll go buy some citron tea.”
  • “I thought his favorite drink would be strawberry juice, but it was citron tea.”
  • “Our bear Taehyung I miss you so much.”
  • “Wow so freaking handsome.”
  • “Handsome.”
  • “So freaking good-looking.”
  • “He looks even better in the video. Citron tea and V is the perfect pair.”
  • “I’m off to order myself some citron tea.”
Source: theqoo