BTS’s V Playfully Shut Down A Fan’s Fantasy About Him Going Nude

He had the perfect response for these flirty fans.

This meme has never been more appropriate or relevant than it is today!

On February 10 and 11 (KST), BTS released concept photos for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. The first set shows BTS in white, posing dangerously close to a hole in the floor.

The second photo set, inspired by BTS’s “Black Swan” song, gave fans the dark concept they have been yearning for.

For days, ARMYs have flooded Weverse with posts about the photos, sharing their thoughts and photo edits. One particular post caught V‘s attention!

A fan edited photos of V as a blood-splattered priest transforming into a black swan or dark angel. “Our Priest ㅠㅠㅜ,” says the caption.

“Is something like this possible to do..?” V commented. “It seems like I really won’t have to wear costumes for photoshoots.”

Wait. Does that mean he’ll be showing up to set…in the buff? Fans had a little too much fun imagining what his comment meant!

If you don’t wear it.. I’ll be thankful.. but isn’t it better to wear [clothes]..?

— Fan

“Excuse me, [fan’s username] what are you thinking about?” V commented. “I meant not wearing costumes, but I’d still be wearing my regular clothes.” 

“What are you thankful for..”

You’re funny ㅋㅋ [laughing sounds]”

The boldness didn’t stop there! When this fan wrote back, “I thought oppa wouldn’t be wearing any clothes,” V replied with some cheeky wordplay!

“How about you take out the first and the last letters of your nickname,” he wrote. “your thoughts are crazy.” The fan’s username was Nangwangja (난광자). If you were to remove the beginning and ending of the name, you’d be left with gwang (광), meaning “crazy”!

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