BTS’s V Couldn’t Contain His Excitement After Finding The Reporter That Was Talking To Him

How can someone be cute, sexy, and charismatic all at once?

BTS’s V is known for his quirky and cute moments, from falling to his knees at an awards show to accidentally falling out of his chair at a press conference.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Recently at their global press conference for their new album BE, V’s cuteness could be seen once again.

| Big Hit Entertainment

A reporter had a question specifically for V, but he couldn’t seem to find the reporter that was talking to him.

He started to scan the room, trying to match the voice to a face.

When he finally found the reporter, he couldn’t help his excitement!

He smiled widely and waved to the reporter, causing her to laugh at his adorable reaction.

I mean, who wouldn’t though?

Watch V’s full reaction to finding the reporter below!

Source: theqoo


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