BTS’s V Is Just Like Us When Going To The Dentist

His reaction is adorable.

BTS‘s V is the first of the members to upload a solo vlog, giving fans a look into his daily life as he shares his driving playlist and takes producers on a relaxing drive where they stop at random places that catch their eye.

BTS Vlog Schedule | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

In the vlog, V shows his authentic self, from opening up about his concerns for his solo album to getting a higher golf score than he expected. V even takes the vlog with him when he attends a surprise dentist visit to repair his chipped tooth.


V explains to the camera that he avoided hard foods like he was supposed to but still managed to chip his tooth while eating ice cream.


And, like many people, V adds a caption to his vlog to let fans know that he’s “scared of the dentist, especially the sound.”


He even looks out for fans who may be scared of the sound like he is, letting them know that it’s about to appear in the video.


While the dentist is working, the vlog camera focuses on V’s hands, which clearly shows his nervousness.


After getting back into the car after the appointment, V confesses that the procedure was painful.


And jokes that while the dentist is “so scary,” overcoming his fear has made him “not afraid of anything anymore.”


Fans don’t have to worry as V’s dentist assured him he is okay.


You can read more about his vlog here.

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