“The K-Pop Nepotism Baby!” BTS V’s Dog Yeontan Makes History After A New Video Is Posted By Mnet Following His “M Countdown” Debut

The list is very exclusive, and Yeontan has created a new legacy.

While ARMYs worldwide are in love with BTS‘s V, one person who receives the same amount of love is his dog Yeontan. Since V first introduced fans to his little dog, ARMYs have loved the interactions between the two.

BTS’s V and Yeontan

With so much love for Yeontan, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when he made his music show debut on M Countdown.

It seems Yeontan might have made history again after his appearance on a music show with V, showcasing that he’s truly the biggest “nepotism” baby in K-Pop.

On September 20, nearly a week after Yeontan’s music show debut, Mnet posted a fancam of Yeontan, and it is seemingly the first pet performance fancam ever. After V explained that ARMYs needed to be quiet to not startle him…

In the video, the small puppy proved he has true star quality and truly worked the camera at all times.



When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get over the superstar status and aura of one of the top 5th-generation idols. Yeontan also made history as the first K-Pop idol pet with a performance fancam and truly captured the hearts of fans.

Yet, while Yeontan was the first K-Pop pet to get his own performance fancam, HYBE seems to create stars as TXT Soobin‘s hedgehog Odi was the first to have his own “fancam” that was shared on Mnet’s social media platform.

Everyone truly loves Yeontan, and while he might have seemed nervous and shy surrounded by so many ARMYs, he proved to be a true professional.

Source: Mnet