BTS’s V Dropped Everything To Go See Son Sung Deuk’s Baby

He couldn’t have been more excited to ditch practice for this visitor.

If there’s a baby around, everything and everyone else is irrelevant to BTS‘s V!

V adores kids of all ages, and he hopes to have children of his own one day.

For now though, V showers his fatherly affection on the children of his friends and family members, including the son of BTS’s dance director, Son Sung Deuk.

| @sonsungdeuk/Instagram

When Son Sung Deuk brought his son to work, V couldn’t wait to see him. As soon as the director said, “okay”, V ran away from dance practice to say hello!

During their break, BTS spent time with this cutie by acting silly and speaking sweetly.

From beginning to end, V was bursting with happiness…

…and, if BTS’s schedule had allowed it, he might have played Peek-A-Boo games for hours!

Watch the clip here: