BTS’s V Drops Some Major Spoilers For His Highly-Anticipated Mix Tape

KTH1 coming soon!

BTS’s V turned on a surprise live stream for his birthday in order to thank fans for all the love and celebratory messages he received.

While having a fun time celebrating with ARMYs, fans asked when his mix tape would be released.

With a sly smile, he glanced over at the staff before letting fans listen to one second spoilers of some of the songs for his mix tape.

V made sure to mention that usually never really listens to the company and does as he pleases. Fans aren’t complaining because they’ve been waiting for anything regarding his mix tape!

He let fans know that he didn’t want to rush anything and promised he would let them know when he would be officially be releasing his mix tape. He hoped that fans would be a bit more patient so that he could drop it at the right time.

To end his birthday live stream, he also touched fans with a short live version of his new track, “Snow Flower.”

No rush, V! ARMYs can wait until the ends of the earth for your mix tape!