BTS’s V Drops A Teaser For A New Self-Composed Song

V gave his fans the first taste of his upcoming, self-composed song.

At the 28th Seoul Music Awards, BTS‘s V revealed that he has been working on a special gift for ARMY: a self-composed song that fans can’t wait to hear. Thankfully, the wait may not be much longer!


On January 24, V dropped a video teaser entitled “Self-composed song” for his upcoming track. In it, V sits beside his accompanist, who plays a part of the song’s melody on the piano.


ARMYs are hyped for V’s song, but they aren’t the only ones. Jimin expressed his love and support for V a few days before V uploaded his teaser.

“Taehyung I love you. Everyone let’s wait for Taehyung!!! I’m reeaaaallllyy excited for itttttt wow !!!! #JIMIN #TaehyungILoveYouITreasureYou” — Jimin


Details about the song have not been released yet, but fans already know it’ll be a hit.