BTS’s V Explains The “Dumpling Incident” Mentioned On His Duet Song With Jimin

“The dumpling incident would be a comedy movie”

BTS‘s Jimin and V may be two peas in a pod now, but their close friendship wasn’t a match made in heaven from the beginning! They had to work at their relationship, which ultimately created a bond stronger than other!

Looking back on their friendship over the past decade, Jimin and V created the song “Friends” for their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. As the first official duet by the 95s, they recalled a lot of their inside history together.

One in particular had caught the fans eyes. The lyrics say, “Our memories are each a movie on its own/The dumpling incident would be a comedy movie yeah yeah“.

So a fan had to ask, “Taehyung or Jimin, please explain the dumpling incident to us!

And V finally resolved everyone’s curiosity! He explained in a short summary, “It was Team Eat-After-Dancing vs Team Eat-While-Dancingㅋㅋ“.

It appears V and Jimin had a disagreement of whether to eat after practicing their choreography or to eat while they were practicing. V had previous explained how it was difficult for them to click from the very beginning because of their personality differences. V, who was more carefree, had a difficult time understanding Jimin who was very Type-A about their practices and results – and vice versa.

Despite their differences, V and Jimin were able to overcome their personalities and learn to love and appreciate each other through conversation and understanding!

Now these two are basically inseparable for many more years to come!


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