BTS’s V Is “Embarrassed” After His Arrival At Incheon Airport For The Most Unexpected Reason

ARMYs didn’t even notice!

BTS‘s V made netizens LOL after the unexpected reason he got embarrassed after his arrival at Incheon Airport following an overseas schedule.


Recently, BTS’s V has been sharing pictures of his time in Paris, France, on Instagram. While the reason for his trip is not known, the idol seemed to be having fun with his friends.

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On October 26, V arrived back in Korea from his time away and charmed netizens with his visuals.


In photos, the idol looked even more handsome.

Yet, after landing in Korea, netizens couldn’t hide their laughter after V felt “embarrassed” for the most unexpected reason. On Instagram, after arriving back in Korea, he shared a photo of himself seemingly deep in thought.

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Before posting a photo of him wearing a sweatshirt in the same color as the one he wore at the airport.

Hilariously, V revealed that he had actually worn his sweatshirt the wrong way on the way back to Korea. In the caption of the Instagram story, he explained how he was “embarrassed” after realizing he was wearing the piece of clothing backward.

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After netizens noticed what happened after V shared his reaction, they couldn’t hide how cute the idol was and that he looked good even when wearing his clothes wrong.

As always, V makes everything look good, even when he doesn’t wear it the “traditional way.”

Source: @thv/Instagram and Dispatch KOREA