Epik High’s DJ Tukutz Declares BTS’s V His Rival — Here’s What Went Down

Let the “fight” begin!

You know what they say: work until your idols become your rivals!

V | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

Hip-hop pioneers Epik High helped establish Korea’s alternative hip-hop scene. Since their debut in 2001, members Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz have been blending genres and pushing boundaries, inspiring a new generation of musicians, including BTS.

DJ Tukutz | William Morris Endeavor/Facebook

BTS has cited Epik High as an inspiration, having admired Epik High’s work since their pre-debut days. Over the years, BTS and Epik High each made their mark on music and collaborated along the way.

BTS with Epik High | @bts_twt/Twitter

So, why is DJ Tukutz suddenly calling BTS’s his rival? Today, DJ Tukutz retweeted V’s “V-cut” photos from the Louis Vuitton fashion show. “My rival since yesterday,” he wrote.

Shots fired? In the comments, Tablo weighed in by simply writing, “dude……”

On September 13, DJ Tukutz guested on the talk show Radio Star, where he was asked about his “rivalry” with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon. Apparently, G-Dragon is out and V is in!

When it comes to BTS, naming names can land somebody in hot water — and the news. The other guests playfully warned DJ Tukutz about taking that risk, but he boldly named V anyway.

Why? By namedropping V, DJ Tukutz becomes a hot topic too! (Any press is good press…right?)

Ahn Young Mi: This kind of stuff is what ends up in news articles.

DJ Tukutz: Let’s pick V!

— Ahn Young Mi and DJ Tukutz

Later, on Twitter, Tablo posted a photo of Epik High’s DJ and his rival.

In the comments, Tablo wrote, jokingly, “He’s finally gone crazy,” referring to his bandmate.

Now, we just need V to get involved! Until then, you can watch the moment that started it all here: