BTS’s V Goes Viral After Giving A Fan His ARMY Bomb During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS”

It showcases his true personality!

Everyone knows just how much BTS adore their fans. Ever since the group debuted back in 2013, they have always done everything they can for ARMYs, whether it’s through their music, interactions, or events.

The group are currently in Las Vegas for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows, showcasing their desire to be close to ARMYs.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

During concerts, although it sometimes seems like the closest you’ll ever be to idols, there can sometimes feel like a barrier with security and restrictions.

Throughout the shows, the group ensured that each ARMY felt special. In particular, one fan was living the dream when V showcased his true personality by ensuring they weren’t feeling left out.


Although the entire BTS concert is always full of amazing memories, one moment that always sticks out to fans is the “ARMY Bomb Wave,” where the members and audience all use their lightsticks to create a huge wave.

A BTS “ARMY Bomb Wave” | @VegasMochi/ Twitter 

As the group and fans were getting ready for the wave, V noticed that one fan on the floor didn’t have an ARMY Bomb. Rather than just ignoring it, V ensured that the fan didn’t feel left out and threw his own lightstick to the ARMY so that they could be part of the special moment.

| @fanfanmunnie/ Twitter

Later on in the video, V showcases just what lengths he’s willing to go to for ARMYs as he then put his fingers on his lips and gestured for the fan not to tell the staff and security what he just did. It was sweet because V knew that the staff might try and give it back to him, but he wanted the fan to keep the lightstick.

| @fanfanmunnie/ Twitter 

When the clip was shared by user @fanfanmunnie, who was next to the ARMY who received the lightstick, fans couldn’t get over just how sweet V was being.

However, it wasn’t the only time that V directly interacted with ARMYs during the show. Another clip from the concert showed V with some of the orange confetti. After picking up the confetti, V kissed it before throwing it to fans in the crowd.

Even when a fan tried to gift V some flowers, before realizing what was happening, the idol threw them back thinking that the ARMYs wanted that. When he realized that the flowers were actually for him, he kept them but showcased that he always puts ARMYs first.

One fan who was lucky enough to get floor seats for the show explained that, despite so many ARMYs being at the show, V managed to create a special moment for everyone in attendance by making sure he interacted with them.

The BTS members have always been praised for their interactions with ARMYs. This moment cements just how much the group cares for their fans. Allegiant Stadium might have been sold out, but each ARMY left with special memories and feeling like they were part of BTS’s journey.

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Source: @fanfanmunnie/ Twitter 

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