BTS V’s Favorite Childhood Movie Might Break Your Heart

It has been compared to “Grave of the Fireflies.”

Over the years, BTS‘s has shared many movie recommendations with fans, but one film has left a particularly deep impression on him.


On the Weverse app, an ARMY asked V what his favorite movie was as a child. V answered, “Oseam,” an animated classic released in 2003.

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At the time of its release, V was seven years old, close in age to the film’s main characters, the boisterous Gilson and his quiet, older sister Gami.

Gami (left) and Gilson (right) | Sinabro Entertainment

The siblings were orphaned after a fire took Gami’s eyesight and their mother’s life. Unlike Gami, Gilson does not know his mother passed away, and he believes they will be reunited someday. Warning: spoilers beyond this point!

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Oseam has been compared to another bittersweet tearjerker, Studio Ghibli‘s Grave of the Fireflies, and for good reason. To find a cure for his sister’s blindness, Gilson decides to travel with a monk to the mountains, but the trip ends in tragedy. Gilson sacrifices his life for Gami’s eyesight.

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Oseam, described as a fairytale for adults, is based on a novel by Korean author Jeong Chae Bong. There is also a live-action adaptation of Oseam, released in 1990.

The cast of “Oseam (1990)”

V has shared his love for Oseam several times. He told his members that he, “teared up” while watching it.

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