BTS’s V Hilariously Forgot All About Halloween, But One Member Was There To Remind Him

BTS to the rescue!

No matter what country you’re from, one event during the year brings people together in their love for dressing up and being spooky, and that is Halloween!

Each year, K-Pop doesn’t disappoint as idols get dressed up and share dance practices that could be seen in horror movies. One group that has always given fans what they want is BTS!

The members of BTS | BANGTANTV/YouTube

However, this year, it seems as if one member forgot that it was Halloween, and that was V! As always, the members were very active on Weverse in the last couple of days. One member who definitely didn’t forget about Halloween was J-Hope!

On Weverse, J-Hope posted a ghostly picture of himself with some ghost emojis, and when it was shared, V replied back, “Jwe-hope, your joke… I think this is too much.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse
| Weverse

However, J-Hope wasn’t leaving his love for Halloween there and later went on Weverse again after his answering spree, saying, “Okay guys, I’ll be going. I hope everyone has a great Halloween.”

| Weverse

Yet, if V’s comment on J-Hope’s Halloween-esque photo was odd, his reply to this post made a lot more sense, and it seemed as if V didn’t actually realize that it was Halloween. He replied, ” Wow… Halloween day was yesterday.. ? Raise your hands if you didn’t know…

| Weverse

For many people, Halloween is just another day, and V probably isn’t the only person who forgot about the fact that it was the end of October and the spookiest day on the calendar.

2021 was the first time that all the members haven’t posted pictures dressed in Halloween outfits. Hopefully, either the members will share some photos later, or next year will see the return of Halloween BTS because V, along with the other members, are definitely iconic.

BTS’s V | @BTS_twt/Twitter

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