BTS V Found A Female Idol’s Earring On Stage… Now Fans Want The Rest Of This Cinderella Story

The mysterious earring V found may belong to Red Velvet’s Wendy.

At the The Fact Music Awards, BTS‘s V found someone’s lost earring on stage. He was caught on camera being bamboozled over whose it is. What he eventually did with the earring, though, is adorable and fans can’t help but UWU hard.

Something sparkly caught V’s eyes while he was performing “IDOL” on stage. He stood wondering about it for a while, before he knelt to check it out. Here’s V, looking like an absolute prince doing so:

When he picked it up, he realized it was an earring that must have fallen off someone. He studied it for a while and the look of utter confusion on his face is actually the most adorable.

Here’s what the earring looked like, dangling from V’s hands.

V then consulted his fellow BTS member Jimin about the lost and found item. Jimin shrugged, unsure of what V is doing with a single earring.

Jimin also looks super confused about why V is holding a sparkly, dangly earring that clearly doesn’t belong to him!

Eventually, V decided it might be best to leave it where he found it. He carefully set the earring back down on stage and walked away looking conflicted AF.

Fans had a good laugh about this brief moment of pure confusion – and went on to find out whose earring V had found. Most believe it belonged to Red Velvet‘s Wendy, who was seen wearing a similar style of earrings earlier during the event.

In this video, Wendy’s earring mysteriously disappears as she spins for the choreography of “You Better Know”. Throughout the performance, she is seen wearing a dangling accessory on her left ear, but at one point, it vanishes. Look closely though, because it actually ends up on the stage floor, where it waited for V to notice!

Fans are now wondering if Wendy ever got to find her missing earring. What a Cinderella moment for V and Wendy!

Watch the full clip of V’s astonishing discovery here: