BTS’s V Gains Attention After Netizens Find Out He Kept His “Promise” To An ARMY

V really loves ARMYs, and they love him for it!

BTS‘s V has stolen the hearts of fans with a thoughtful gesture to an ARMY… keeping his promise after a live broadcast.


During recent broadcasts, the members have been watching content from ARMY, and V is no different.

In August, V did a live broadcast where, along with listening to music, the idol quickly switched to watching what looked like a vlog from a fan.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse   

After the live, V went on Weverse and chatted with ARMYs. While commenting on fans’ posts about V watching content, the idol commented, “I saw GotJoon-nim. I will send this person a parcel. Where are they?”

| BTS/Weverse

While it was easy for V to just say those words, the idol really stuck to his word, and on September 8, the account of the fan whose vlog he watched shared that they’d received an email from HYBE.

Hehehehe HYBE really sent an email…. When I receive the parcel that was sent by Taehyung oppa… I’ll show it to you guys!! (If it’s something that can be revealed…!) Thank you so so much, Taehyung orabeoni (formal way of saying oppa).

— OP

In the email, the OP replied to the HYBE email, confirming it was that account, adding,  “Hello. This is the staff-in-charge of BTS’s Fanclub.”

When the OP shared the tweet, netizens couldn’t get over how sweet V is because he made sure that effort was taken to find the ARMY to send a gift.

As always, BTS’s V always keeps his promises to ARMYs and makes sure that they feel appreciated for everything they do. The BTS members have been watching ARMYs’ content more and hopefully,  it allows them to feel the love they’ve got from fans worldwide.

Source: @GOT_JOON_


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