(★BREAKING) BTS V’s Grandfather Has Just Passed Away

May his soul rest in peace.

BTS V‘s grandfather has passed away recently. On July 31, 2018, V visited the funeral home in his hometown of Daegu, mourning the loss of his grandfather with his family.


V has shared in the past through interviews that he had many unforgettable memories with his grandfather as a child. V also shared back in 2016 that his grandmother had passed away.

The BTS members are also standing by V’s side, comforting him in his time of sorrow. Acquaintances close to V’s family have been visiting the funeral home as well, with many condolence wreaths being sent to the location.


Big Hit Entertainment has refused to comment on the situation.

“Because it is part of our artist’s personal life, it is difficult to confirm the details.”

— Big Hit Entertainment


Our sincerest condolences to V and his family.

Source: Ilgan Sports