BTS’s “Dynamite” V Is Ending ARMYs, But They’re Not Complaining…Much

Fans are falling in love with V and his dapper green suit.

BTS‘s music video teaser for “Dynamite” is finally here, and fans just can’t handle it. The retro sound, the candy-color set, and have you seen V‘s green suit? It’s ending ARMYs everywhere, but they’re totally okay with it…mostly.

1. Excuse me, sir. That’s illegal.

2. He didn’t come to play. He came to werk.

3. Suga isn’t the only BTS member who can predict the future

4. How To Be Kim Taehyung: A Guide To Unattainable Perfection

5. Your training didn’t prepare you for this

6. What ARMY wants, V delivers

7. Welcome to the next 24 hours

8. Attention fan fiction writers! Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

9. Do you want fries with that?

10. Alexa, play “Save Me” on repeat because “I’m (not) Fine”!

If you’re still breathing, watch the teaser here: