BTS’s V Shows The The Reality Of Dieting On “Run BTS!” — And Jungkook Is On Hand To Make His Life Both Easier And Harder

It was chaotic and wholesome at the same time!

BTS’s youngest members, Jungkook and V, have always had a firm friendship. Since debuting, they have made ARMYs laugh with their interactions and showcased their truly chaotic sibling relationship.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and V (right) | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Recently, the two showcased their solidarity, and ARMYs couldn’t get enough of their friendship.

During the recent episode of Run BTS!, the members were ready to play some games. Before all of that, they were treated to some delicious pizza and treats.

While all the members were tucking into their food…

One person seemed to have a very different reaction, and it was none other than V.

It was then revealed that while filming, V was actually on a diet and wasn’t allowed to eat the food. Of course, dieting is hard for anyone, but when faced with food and people around you eating it, it becomes much harder.

What was even harder was that V wanted to eat so much that he was asking Jungkook about which had the least calories in them.

At first, Jungkook misheard it for “signature,” but then tried to help his hyung by pointing out that having one bite of something good would be fine. He even joined in solidarity by adding that he was starting to diet today, so he wasn’t eating either.

Even with the teasing, it seems like Jungkook was actually very supportive of V because he even chose not to eat. Alongside doing some “Diet exercises” with V…

When RM asked whether Jungkook was eating or not, the young idol explained that he would order it himself next time.

They even gave each other “Diet tests” to see if they could cope, with Jungkook making V laugh by putting the pizza to V’s nose and getting him to smell it.

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over the friendship between V and Jungkook. Although he was teasing V with food earlier, he chose not to eat, and it was seemingly to make V’s dieting easier.

Although they were both seemingly in it together, many ARMYs joked that Jungkook making V smell the pizza was actually payback. In the past, the members have revealed how hard V made it for them to diet…

At one point, they even explained that when Jungkook was on a diet once, V gave him chopsticks and asked his younger brother to feed him.

Of course, it’s all part of being so close, and this interaction continues to prove that BTS are not just members; they’re a family!

Source: Weverse


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