BTS’s V Leaves The Most Heartfelt Message To Fan Who Is Going Through A Tough Time

He responded almost immediately.

An ARMY left a short message on Weverse, where they confessed how discouraged they’ve been feeling because of the lack of comfort from those around them.

The fan wrote, “It’s been very hard these days. I’m very sad because not one person will comfort me.

Although the fan was reaching out blindly in a message that they didn’t entirely expect anyone to respond to, there was one special someone who decided to reach out with the most heartwarming message.

BTS‘s V responded almost immediately with a heartfelt message about his own past experience in feeling burnt out and disheartened.

Don’t be sad that you weren’t comforted by anyone. If your heart is burnt out, what more are you trying to get done?

— V

Ever since the past or now, I don’t have much freedom in my heart. But I’m comforted a lot by ARMYs who come to see what I wrote when I leave a message.

Even if we don’t write a response, I hope you all feel even a little comfort knowing that we come to read our ARMYs messages.

— V

He concluded his message by making sure that the fan knew that he meant every word of it. He simply wrote, “It’s my sincerity“, along with an emoji of a sweet hug.

The fan responded to V, thanking him for his comforting and sincere words. They also comforted him by revealing just how much strength and support they receive from BTS as well.

I’m feeling apologetic towards [V] now. I wonder why? I’m always strengthened by the members. They always become my future. I live one day at a time knowing that they’re there, that they know what I’m feeling even without saying a thing. I’ll come stop by whenever I feel too tired. Thank you so much.

— Fan

Although he himself may feel burnt out by his hectic and packed schedule, V never fails to make sure that he can be there for his fans whenever he can.