BTS’s V Prevented A Reporter From Getting Injured At The Airport

If it wasn’t for V, this reporter could have been hurt.

BTS‘s real-life “Anpanman” has come to the rescue once again!

On February 20, BTS arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul to fly to New York City for their jam-packed comeback schedule. Beginning on February 21, the members will guest on radio and television to promote the release of their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. 

As usual, V was bombarded by noise, flashing cameras, and many other distractions, but he still paid close attention to his surroundings — and the people in them.

Just as this reporter was about to walk into a metal pole, V reached out…

…and steered him around it.

Once the reporter was in the clear, V nodded politely to another reporter then continued on.

This isn’t the first time V’s protective instincts have kicked in at the airport. In October 2019, V stopped to make sure a fallen woman was able to get up safely.

He reached out his hands, ready to help if needed, as security guards helped her back to her feet.

On that same day, V also noticed a little girl, small enough to be swallowed by the crowd. He stayed by the girl’s side until she was safely scooped up in her mother’s arms.

V is always looking out for the people around him!