BTS’s V Shocks Netizens With His Unexpected Airport Style — Especially His Designer Bag

It showcases how much CELINE values him as a brand ambassador!

BTS‘s V recently became a hot topic online after gaining attention for his recent look at the airport, and it cements how much designer brand CELINE values him as the brand’s global brand ambassador.

BTS’s V at his first CELINE event after being announced as a global brand ambassador | @thv/Instagram

While V always gains attention for his style, the idol shines at the airport, combining his personality and taste in fashion with something comfortable for long flights.

On May 15 (KST), V set off for Paris, France ahead of a schedule for the designer brand CELINE. As expected, the idol looked absolutely flawless as he greeted the media and made his way through the airport, looking like a model.

While the idol gained attention for his unreal visuals and attitude toward fans and the media, V’s outfit and a particular accessory gained attention.

Of course, the look was perfect as V combined simple colors and well-tailored fits to look like a model/CEO/actor/superstar.

While the clothes were amazing, it was V’s bag that really gained attention from fans and Korean media outlets. When V got out of the car, it seemed like the idol was just carrying a patented CELINE bag… until he turned around!

As he got out and walked toward the entrance, netizens noticed that the bag had “Taehyung” written on it in the same signature font rather than the CELINE logo.

In photos taken by the Korean press, the design was clearer.

In fact, it seems like CELINE had taken its signature “LARGE VOYAGE BAG IN TRIOMPHE CANVAS WITH CELINE PRINT”…

And customized it for V to showcase how much they value the idol as one of their global ambassadors, as it’s something they have gifted to other stars, including BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Overall, the outfit was full of luxurious items that made V stand out even more at the airport.

When the clips were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the idol’s influence. They loved that CELINE customized one of their most known products for the idol but added that V is known to add his flair to items.

As always, V makes sure to make a statement wherever he goes. Although it hasn’t been long since V was officially announced as an ambassador, the brand’s small gesture shows how much they appreciate the idol and they know his influence.

Source: Korea Dispatch and Wikitree


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