BTS V Transforms Into A Male “Human Chanel”

He’s done it again.

BTS’ V has recently transformed himself into a “human Chanel” in his recent Tweets.

On April 13, V shared a short clip with RM. In the video, V sported a silk white blouse layered with a fur cardigan.


He gave accents to his outfit with a sexy Chanel choker and necklace.


His “Powerade color” hair and radiant skin made the perfect combination with his pink fur and stunning visuals!


He also recently shared some selfies in celebration of BTS’ comeback wearing another Chanel necklace and matching earrings.


Of course, no matter how beautiful the accessories, they only complimented his natural good looks!


Meanwhile, BTS made a successful comeback on this day through their performance of “Boy in Luv” on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Check out their performance below!

Source: Dispatch