BTS’s V Proves To Be The Ultimate Romantic In Flirty Response To ARMYs

V planned a “date” with ARMYs! ⭐

When it comes to being sweet and romantic, there is no denying that BTS’s V knows exactly how to melt the hearts of ARMYs worldwide. Whether it’s on stage, through social media, or during schedules, V has an aura that just screams “boyfriend” material. He’s recently proved it again.


On March 24, BTS’s V followed in the footsteps of member Jungkook and allowed fans to ask him questions on Instagram. Even after a few technical difficulties, V managed to interact with a lot of fans, saying, “Ask me anything!

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One message, in particular, caught the attention of netizens. When V posted the initial ask box, it was the early evening in Korea, and the sky would be turning dark across the country. An ARMY seemed to be in a romantic mood as they messaged, “Tonight, let’s see the stars together?”

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When the ARMY sent the message, they probably didn’t know how likely it was that V would reply. Little did they expect that not only did V reply, but he wrote something that was enough to melt even the coldest hearts and send the internet into meltdown.

In his reply, V wrote, “In exactly two hours, look <at the stars> from over there. I’ll look <at them> from here.

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It was easy to fall in love with the reply, which meant that if an ARMY looked at the stars in exactly two hours, V would be doing the exact thing from where he is, meaning that both V and ARMYs would see the stars together.

ARMYs rightly went crazy for the romantic reply when the post was shared on social media. While many weren’t surprised about V’s beautiful words, others joked that they would look out at the stars as well, even if it was the morning where they were, just to do it together with the BTS member.

Yet, it shouldn’t be surprising that a question about the stars caught the attention of V. Back in December 2021, V went on Twitter and shared a photo that had ARMYs stunned.

V had shared an image taken on his Samsung phone of a beautiful night sky. V foresaw everyone’s jaws dropping as he cheekily made sure everyone knew the photo was not edited or photoshopped.

Of course, thousands of ARMYs worldwide probably looked out of their windows after the post was shared, hoping to watch the same night sky as V, even if it was the middle of the day. V continues to prove to be true boyfriend material…

There is no denying that V’s post was enough to melt the hearts of ARMYs worldwide and would’ve given a lot of comfort to them. It once again proves just how amazing an idea it was to give the members their own Instagram accounts.

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