BTS V’s Interactions Made One ARMY Trend Worldwide, And Here’s The Real Reason Why

They’re living the y/n life!

Have you ever dreamed of being noticed by your favorite idol? For most netizens, the idea of having it happen once is something many can only dream of. Yet, one BTS fan recently gained a lot of attention after she was noticed not once, not twice, but five times from BTS’s V.


On February 4 (KST), V went on Weverse to answer some fans’ questions about things from music, Instagram, and much more. Yet, one fan seemed to particularly catch the attention of V on the platform when it came to recommending music.

One user asked whether V knew about the artist called Art Farmer, who is known for being an amazing jazz trumpet player.

| Weverse

As a huge fan of that genre, V seemed excited by the recommendation and replied, “Elly, thank you so much. I love the song you recommended, I’ll listen to it well.”

| Weverse

There is no denying that “Elly” has amazing taste in music as they continued to share music that they thought V might like.

As expected, V seemed as grateful as ever, thanking them for each recommendation. In particular, one that caught his attention was from the Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer.

| Weverse

Once again, V wasn’t too familiar with the artist and explained that he was “Listening to it now.” Although many fans thought he was just being polite, they had the shock of their lives when V posted a story on Instagram of himself listening to the track that had been recommended.

| @thv/ Instagram
| @thv/ Instagram

Of course, it isn’t the first time V has replied to fans, and the group regularly goes onto Weverse to interact with fans. However, this was unique because V replied to this user multiple times and even showed that he really did listen to the song recommendations.

As expected, ARMYs shared their thoughts on social media. Although many joked that they were “jealous” of the ARMY, others couldn’t be happier for the huge BTS fan.

“Elly” was such a huge topic of conversation with ARMYs that the phrase even trended worldwide.

Yet, it isn’t the first time ARMYs have gone viral because of V! Back in December 2021, a user posted a video online towards the end of the concert showing V going to a staff member, handing them his hoodie, and pointing to someone in the crowd. After V had given his hoodie to the staff, they then threw it to an ARMY in the crowd.

| @stylesjeon/ Twitter 

After the show ended, the lucky ARMY finally shared their story, coming from user @philiphengg! The user shared pictures of himself and his friends with the V hoodie on their Twitter alongside an image of him wearing it.

There is no denying that BTS’s V is one of the kindest and most considerate people ever. He continues to ensure that ARMYs feel loved and genuinely interact with them in any way possible.

You can read more about V’s interactions with ARMYs below.

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