“Noona…” ARMYs Are Shocked At How Close BTS’s V And IU Are After The Latest “IU Palette”

The two idols showed how close they are through their words and actions!

There is no doubt that BTS‘s V is a social butterfly. Since debuting, he has showcased his natural charm and become friends with stars and people from across the world.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Yet, it seems like one idol who has shocked fans with her unexpected and long friendship with the idol is none other than K-Pop soloist IU.

IU | @dlwrma/Instagram

On September 12, V was the latest guest on IU’s show IU Palette.

While a lot of the guests are normally shy when meeting IU, the video cemented the close friendship between the two idols from the very beginning.

In Korea, formality is a big deal and it impacts the way people speak to each other, whether it’s due to seniority or age, so it would be assumed that V would speak to IU more politely as she is older than him. Yet, this was not the case as IU explained, “We usually talk informally to each other…”

Due to the nature of the show, V was confused about the formality he should use, so they started more politely. Of course, everyone wanted to know how they were so close, as IU explained, “It’s not the first time we are seeing each other.”

V then revealed that they got close to each other after talking about their shared love of music.

We got close talking about music. We can talk so easily to each other when it comes to music…

— V

Later in the video, V explained that he had never used honorifics with IU, and along with referring to her as “noona,” it showed how close the two idols actually are.

If it wasn’t for them directly addressing their closeness, it could be seen through their behavior with each other. Along with seeming comfortable, both IU and V couldn’t stop teasing each other throughout the video, and it was like a proper sibling relationship.

When the video was released, it was a combination of multiple clips that led ARMYs to be surprised at how close the two idols are, especially as there haven’t been many interactions between just the two outside of idol activities.

You can read more about the duo showcasing their friendship below.

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Source: IU Palette and theqoo