Here’s What BTS’s V And Jimin Wish Someone Would Do For Them After Concerts

They work so hard on stage🥺💜

BTS always gives their all during their concerts, so it’s no wonder the members feel tired after a show!

BTS | @Variety/Twitter

During a recent live stream, Jimin and V talked about just how tired they are after concerts. When he came to V’s room, Jimin said he hadn’t even removed his eye makeup after the show because he just wanted to lie in bed.


V could totally relate, and he said he wanted to dress up for the live stream but he was too tired to do it.

Then, V said Jimin wouldn’t want to shower after the live stream because he’d be even more tired. Jimin responded, “I wish someone could wash me.”

V burst out laughing as Jimin continued by saying, “I wish I could wear an oxygen tank and someone could just bathe me. And I’ll get out of the shower with better skin, too. Is that impossible to make?”

V said he’s okay with showering after a show, but he wished someone would brush his teeth for him. He said it’s so tiring moving his arm as he brushes his teeth.

Jimin said he can handle brushing his teeth after a show, but he still wished that someone would wash him.

This funny conversation between the 95s makes it clear just how hard BTS works on stage. They’re so exhausted that they struggle to wash up and brush their teeth before bed.

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We know ARMY appreciates all their hard work!