BTS’s V And Jimin Are Complete Opposites At The Airport, Fans Can’t Choose

It’s UWU vs. HOT DAMN.

During their recent airport arrival from Japan to Gimpo, Korea, BTS members V and Jimin were spotted being the complete opposites in front of the press. These pictures and videos, of V being the cutest sleepy bear vs. Jimin being the sexiest man-in-black, have ARMYs swooning over the group’s duality, as always.


V, who rocked the Korean traditional hanbok outfit, greeted the press with his signature sweetheart smile. When asked to show them a big heart, V threw his hand up over his head and made a half-heart.


V commented he was a bit sleepy, but he tried his best to respond to the press and their requests. He politely bowed and waved his hand as he continued to walk away. ARMYs immediately fell in love with the cuddly teddybear-like vibe that V had on full display this day.


On the other hand, Jimin walked through the doors like a living god. Dressed in his iconic all-black outfit, he looked strong, sexy, and simply flawless. It didn’t look like he had gotten off a flight – it looked more like he had stepped off from a lit performance.


Jimin and his chic sexy visual also had the press go nuts. No matter where he is, Jimin will always glow, ready to charm whoever is looking his way. On the other end of the spectrum, Jimin slayed with his breathtaking woke-up-this-sexy kind of vibe!


And from V’s softness to Jimin’s hotness – ARMYs were grateful to be blessed with such a complete visual pack at an airport arrival!

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2)