A Professional K-Pop Makeup Artist Picks BTS’s V As The Celebrity With The Best Visuals—Here’s Why This Was A Big Deal

It was notable for several reasons.

Famous makeup artists have the opportunity to not only work with celebrities for various events, but to do so often. In the Korean entertainment industry, a single salon employee can meet a variety of singers, actors, entertainers, and more.

BTS’s Jungkook getting his makeup done

In an interview with AYO, two professional makeup artists shared tidbits of their experiences thus far. One was Park Jeong An who is the makeup manager of Soonsoo Cheongdam while the other is Kim Ye Ji, a salon worker-turned-freelancer who operates her own YouTube channel.

One of the first questions they were asked was the most good looking celebrity they’ve encountered throughout their careers. While Park Jeong An hesitated to pick one in consideration of her clients, Kim Ye Ji immediately pointed out BTS‘s V.

Park Jeong An: I think they’ll be sad. I can’t say it in case they’ll be sad.

Kim Ye Ji: V.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

The BTS member was her top choice without a doubt. In fact, Kim Ye Ji never actually worked with him closely, but she was still able to understand just how stunning he was. She said that she couldn’t look away from V whenever he was nearby.

I wasn’t in charge [of his makeup] but while going on makeup trips, as I was doing [the makeup] of other celebrities, I kept looking at him.

— Kim Ye Ji

Another reason why her “visual one pick” was a big deal for the professional was because of the sheer number of artists she works with. Because she knows so many stars, she can’t remember all of them in one go. This is not uncommon in her line of work where clients can change often. Both she and Park Jeong An admitted that there were more artists they worked with whom they couldn’t name at the start of the interview.

Park Jeong An: Currently I’m in charge of Apink, Byun Yo Han as well, Lee Jae Hoon, Yoo Yeon Seok…I honestly…don’t remember.

Kim Ye Ji: In the salon, I was in charge of Pentagon, the Produce 101 girl’s season, I.O.I, Super Junior…I don’t remember.

BTS’s V, however, was someone who was not easily forgotten. Kim Ye Ji concluded that V has a certain charm that makes him stand out from the crowd.

He just catches my eye!

— Kim Ye Ji

Check out the full video below to learn more about the life of a professional K-Pop makeup artist.

Source: YouTube