BTS’s V Continues To Showcase His True Personality After Using His Instagram To Promote The Work Of A Young Artist

Here’s everything you need to know about the artist!

For most people, Instagram accounts are the perfect way to showcase your hobbies, lifestyle, and things you’re doing in your life. It is no different for idols. Since BTS created their own accounts, the members have been showcasing their lives to ARMYs, and member V is no exception.


In particular, V has always used his Instagram and social media to showcase the things he loves and promote artists he supports. In the past, he has used his Instagram to share his love of art, and netizens have always praised the idol’s artistic side.

BTS’s V has always shown his love for art | @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

More recently, V has been very active on social media and shocked fans when he shared images from his recent trip to New York.

BTS’s V in New York | @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

Only hours after the first set of photos, V returned with a new photoset, and it instantly caught the attention of fans as it contained a very handsome photo of the idol. It looked like V had taken a photo of a photo, but he still looked amazing, and netizens couldn’t stop gushing about his visuals.

| @thv/Instagram

The second photo was more intriguing to fans, and knowing V’s love of art, it wasn’t surprising to see a piece of extremely abstract art. With a mix of colors, shapes, and designs, it definitely stood out and looked like something V would own.

The artwork posted by V | @thv/Instagram

Of course, ARMYs are known for being true detectives, and within seconds, they found the source and details of the art piece. According to netizens, the piece was called “The Scientist” and came from artist Andres Valencia as seen on an Instagram page from October 2020.

The original piece was shared by the artist Andres Valencia | @andresvalenciaart/Instagram

With the beautiful vision for the photo and the talent put into the piece, it would be easy to assume a veteran painter had created the canvas. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth as Andres Valencia is a ten-year-old boy who has taken the art world by storm with his artwork.

Andres Valencia | @andresvalenciaart/Instagram

The young artist even shared a video on his Instagram showcasing the process of making the artwork.

| @andresvalenciaart/Instagram 

According to interviews with the artist, Andres Valencia is known for large, dramatic, and colorful figurative paintings, and he is influenced by the likes of George Condo, Picasso, and Cubism. Despite being so young, he seems to have already established a style and theme through his art.

The young artist shocked everyone by revealing he’s been painting since the young age of four and developed his skills by copying that same painting over and over again. He even explained that he’d never had an art teacher but would love to get one soon.

| @andresvalenciaart/Instagram

| @andresvalenciaart/Instagram

| @andresvalenciaart/Instagram

Although it isn’t known whether V bought the piece or is just showcasing his support for Andres Valencia, the young artist is following V on Instagram.

They both also have an intense love for art, and it would be amazing if V was supporting the young artist. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity as Andres has seen support from huge stars like Channing Tatum, Sofia Vergara, and Brooke Shields.

When the photos were posted, not only were ARMYs gushing over the idol’s visuals but how he always makes sure to support young artists. Since the photo was shared, Andres’s Instagram posts are full of ARMYs sharing their love and saying how they’d come from V’s posts, gaining even more attention for the already popular artist.

Whether it is musicians or artists, V and the rest of BTS always make sure to use their influence for good and to promote artists to fans worldwide. Andres Valencia is definitely a talented artist, and it’s shocking to see how old he is, but he’s got a lot more fans now.

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