BTS’s V Met Lizzo’s Sister Vanessa And Made It A Moment To Remember

“The ultimate ARMY’s dream.”

Have you dreamed of meeting BTS? For Vanessa Jefferson, the sister of American entertainer Lizzo, that dream came true in the best possible way.

Vanessa Jefferson | @redfairydf/Instagram

Last November, BTS’s VJungkookJimin, and J-Hope went to Harry Stylesconcert in Los Angeles. There, at The Forum, they met Lizzo and her sister for the first time.

From left to right: Jungkook, Jimin, Lizzo, V, and J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

In a recent interview with YouTuber Brooke Morrison, Vanessa gushed about what it was like to meet BTS and, more specifically, her bias V.

“V, he was right there next to me,” she said. “and he was just looking at my sister like, waiting to hug her, but I kept tugging at his shirt. I said, ‘Hey, hey, I’m Lizzo’s sister, dongsaeng.”

When V realized who she was, he hugged her right away. “He said, ‘Ha!’ and we just hugged. He just was so excited. It was so cool…”

“And then he hugged my sister,” Vanessa went on. “and my sister was like, ‘That’s my sister!’ and he says, ‘Yeah!’ and then he hugged me again.” Best sister ever!

Vanessa (foreground) as V and Lizzo hug. | @redfairydf/Instagram

“They’re so sweet, just the sweetest hearts,” she said, referring to all the BTS members.

Vanessa saying hello to BTS. | @redfairydf/Instagram

Two hugs? That’s more than any ARMY can hope for, but Vanessa’s wholesome fangirl experience didn’t end there. V made her group photo with BTS extra special!

We were taking a group picture, and then V grabs me and holds me close while we’re taking the group picture, and I’m just over here like….The ultimate ARMY’s dream.

— V

As usual, V didn’t let language barriers get in the way of making a new friend.


He was saying some English words to me. The cutest thing I’ve ever heard. He was like, ‘I’m doing a show in a couple of days. Here.’ And I was like, ‘I know! I’m coming to see you!’

— Vanessa Jefferson

Watch Vanessa’s full interview here: