BTS’s V Is Gaining Attention For His Behavior While Interacting With An ARMY

He is truly the most genuinely kind person!

BTS‘s V is making netizens swoon, and also emotional AF, after his behavior towards an ARMY after meeting her in a recent video.

On August 31, the hearts of netizens worldwide melted when Dingo released a new video where V met an ARMY and spent some time with her. From the moment the video started, V had some truly special moments with the fan.



While V was the perfect gentleman and truly adorable throughout, certain moments captured the hearts of ARMYs and showcased his true personality.

Before going to their next location, the two started to clear up and turned down her protests, explaining that he is the “Oppa.”

Even when the ARMY explained that she should do it as the dongsaeng, V wouldn’t have it and made sure to take the dishes.

If that wasn’t enough, after the filming had ended, it wasn’t surprising that the ARMY was still very emotional. Yet, rather than just leaving the crew to calm her down, V made sure to come back to comfort her, first by trying to make her laugh…

Before giving her one of the most heartwarming hugs that anyone can give.

When the clips were posted, netizens couldn’t get over V’s behavior and how sweet he was with the ARMY. In particular, it looked like they had been friends forever rather than just meeting that day, and V definitely treated her like someone close, not just a fan.

As always, V proves how much the BTS members love their fans and that they think of them as close friends. It wasn’t surprising that the ARMY was emotional, and V made sure she had the best day and didn’t just leave when the video was done filming.

Source: Dingo