BTS’s V Is The Master Of The “Push And Pull” Flirting Technique When It Comes To His Fans

He proved it all during his recent Weverse interaction!

BTS‘s V knows just how to push and pull with ARMYs’ hearts when it comes to flirting with his many fans! And his recent Weverse interaction was the perfect example!

V got on Weverse to play around with his fans and see what’s new when one fan left a flirty little message for V! But V immediately turned on his “push” technique with his own witty response.

Fan: “Taehyun oppa i love you chu”

V: “Defense”


He did it again when one fan exaggerated by claiming she already loved V’s latest OST track even before it debuted! And V called her out on it.

Fan: “Wow I love it even before I heard it??!!❤️❤️❤️❤️”

V: “Yeah no”


And one fan tried her luck by asking him for a heart fluttering message so that she can go to sleep well. And he was not giving in to any of them!

Fan: “Taehyung tell me something heart-fluttering so I can sleep well…💜”

V: “Yeah I don’t have any~”


But just as ARMYs were giving up hope, V turned up his pull-mode as he began flirting with his fans with the sweetest messages!

One fan left a message about how she’s able to wake up everyday refreshed and happy thanks to V and the BTS members, and V made sure she knew that he read and appreciated her love for them!

Fan: “I hope Taehyung read my message too☺️ I don’t need a response, I wake up everyday to Taehyung’s Winter Bear and 4 o’ Clock to start my day💜 I love his voice that’s full of warmth and emotions, my mornings always start off so well. Only our BTS can make me feel so happy in just one second”

V: “I hope a read sign pops up”


Another fan simply asked how V was doing, and he left everyone dead with the most heart-stopping response that can only be heard on the most romantic K-Dramas!

Fan: “Ho mo ho mo What are you doing, Taetae oppa?”

V: “Why.. Why am I shaking what is this it’s not even that special but what is this”


V had ARMYs’ hearts going up and down with his master flirting techniques, but everyone knows that V only has one feeling towards his fans – love!