BTS’s V Spills The Tea On What It Was Like Meeting Lady Gaga At The 2022 GRAMMYs

V finally lived his dream to meet Lady Gaga!

It is obvious that BTS definitely stole the show at the recent 2022 GRAMMYs. In particular, the group gained attention because the event seemed to be a huge fanmeeting, with celebrities trying to meet the members.

One particular interaction that caught the attention of netizens worldwide all came courtesy of member V!

BTS’s V | @thv/ Instagram

V made headlines throughout the night with his red carpet look and interaction with Olivia Rodrigo. However, one musician whose interaction with V was enough to drive netizens crazy was none other than worldwide musical legend Lady Gaga!

The press and netizens couldn’t get enough during the show when BTS’s V approached Lady Gaga, and the two definitely had a moment as the idol explained he was a huge fan.

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In particular, images of the two interacting swept the internet, and netizens couldn’t get enough of seeing the two iconic musicians together.

Even though there were pictures and videos, nobody really knew what happened when V met Lady Gaga… until now. The group hosted a surprise live broadcast for fans after the event and spoke about everything from their feelings about what happened, the preparation, and more.

Members of BTS during VLIVE | BTS/ VLIVE 

In particular, BTS’s V spilled on what it was like when he got to meet Lady Gaga. From the very beginning, V seemed so excited when he explained that when he went to speak to Lady Gaga, the musician shared her love for the group.

I said hello to Lady Gaga. She said that she really likes us and that she’s cheering for us.

— V


The members joked about how much of a social butterfly V was that night and considering his iconic moment with Olivia Rodrigo, it isn’t hard to refute that. Despite all the members being confident, even J-Hope was surprised at V and his determination to meet the musician.

During the broadcast, J-Hope explained, “V went to take a photo with Lady Gaga by himself, and it was like wow!


However, if V seemed confident in the photos, the idol revealed it was far from the truth. V revealed that it actually took him a few times to get the courage to go and say hi. J-Hope explained that V was extremely worried about the timings and when it was appropriate to go and say hello, showcasing V’s true and polite personality.

Do you know how many times I failed? I’m such a big fan, and I wanted to take a photo, but whenever I got the courage, I felt like it could be rude…

— V


V then went on to share that says he got extremely emotional watching Lady Gaga’s tribute to Tony Bennett during the ceremony. He explained that he’s watched performances of the two musicians performing in the past, and Lady Gaga’s tribute to the musician almost made him cry.


It was definitely a dream come true for V. Even during their first GRAMMYs event in 2019, BTS’s V shared his desire to meet Lady Gaga at some point.

| Entertainment Tonight/ YouTube 

Although V seemed excited to meet Lady Gaga, it seems that she has also certified herself as a true ARMY! Hopefully, there will be plenty of interactions in the future. Who knows, maybe a jazz collaboration between V and Lady Gaga might be a thing!

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Source: BTS/ VLIVE

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