BTS’s V Emotional Message To His Dog Yeontan Showcases Their Unbreakable Bond

He adopted Yeontan knowing he had health issues!

All of the members of BTS are famous in their own right. It seems like ARMYs have fallen in love with those closest to them, including each of the members’ pets. In particular, one duo that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide is the relationship between V and his adorable dog Yeontan who he adopted.

BTS’s V and Yeontan | Dispatch

Yeontan was first introduced to ARMYs back in 2017 during a live broadcast and, since then, they have watched him grow up and continue to be an important part of V’s life. Yet, in a recent interview with GQ Korea, ARMYs realized just how much love V has for his dog.

In the interview, GQ asked V if there was someone he wanted to write a “Thank You” card to, and V had no hesitations in replying, “For me, it’s Tan. Out family dog.”

Yeontan’s first appearance | BTS/ VLIVE

In the past, V has been very open about the health issues of Yeontan. He emphasized that during the interview. He particularly spoke about how much of a struggle it has been for Yeontan who’s health hasn’t been 100% since he was born.

His airway is small, so he can’t breathe properly. Just running for a little bit makes him faint. So, he got two surgeries this year, but they both failed. Now, he just has to keep his medication.

— V

V has done everything to help Yeontan with this and even has a special bag to carry him around.

Yet, it was the second part of the letter that really had ARMYs worldwide full of love for V and his own adoration for his family. In particular, the words and emotions used made ARMYs feel very emotional.

To Tan, who even if it’s hard, is hanging in there and enduring. ‘Thank you very much for being alive. I want to make memories together for the rest of your life. I want to see an adult, Tan.’

— V


When the interview was posted, ARMYs couldn’t stop gushing about V’s love for Yeontan but their own hopes and desires that he stays healthy. It was such a tweeted-about topic that “Tannie” was trending worldwide, with fans sending their support and well wishes messages.

Over the years, Yeontan has become a huge part of the BTS family, and V has taken ARMYs along on the journey with them…


Even now, while on his extended vacation, V has been posting images of Yeontan for fans to see.

| @thv/ Instagram

Yet, it isn’t just V who has become attached to the dog. Like the other BTS pets, all of the members have a massive love for Yeontan, and the interactions are just too cute to handle.


Hopefully, Yeontan can stay strong, and there can be a way to help him get better. As ARMYs have pointed out, if he’s as strong as his owner, nothing will be able to stop Yeontan. There will always be so much love from V, the other members, and ARMYs.

Source: GQ Korea