BTS’s V Sends A Message Of Support For Park Seo Joon’s Fan Meeting

Go Wooga Squad!

Actor Park Seo Joon recently held his online fan meeting Park Seo Joon, Comma, to celebrate his ten year debut anniversary.

Through this untact fan meeting, he was able to express his gratitude and love for his fans who have stuck by him throughout his career.

Many other celebrities also recorded video messages, congratulating Park’s special day.

In particular, BTS’s V, who is known to be close friends with Park as part of the Wooga Squad, also recorded a message for the fan meeting.

Hello, this is Park Seo Joon’s friend, BTS’s V. I heard that he prepared a lot for this. Don’t be nervous and I hope you make precious memories. Have a good show. Fighting!

— V

The other members of the Wooga Squad, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Sik and Peakboy also sent messages for his fan meeting, proving their strong friendship.