BTS’s V’s New Heart Sign Is The Latest Trend That You’ll Be Copying Too

V’s new heart sign is absolutely adorable!

BTS‘s V has always been an avid heart sign-er, showering his fans with his love. But he’s never the one to feel complacent with the traditional heart sign. Making a heart with your arms is too old-school.


And the small finger heart has become outdated!


So V’s come up with his very own heart sign trend!


V’s debuted his new trend to his fans during their recent concert tours, where he makes a heart with his hands but levels it up by putting his stunning face in between them!


ARMYs got an exclusive look at his new heart sign as he showcased the heart sign that will surely hit the ground running as the next big thing!


And you can’t forget to make V’s signature scrunched up face that’s too cute for words!


V has always been creatively making new heart signs to show his fans…


And they were all adorable, of course!


But this signature V pose will definitely be the winning heart!

Source: Nate Pann