BTS’s V Manages To Even Turn Government Officials Into Fanboys During The Busan Expo Ceremony

Even V was confused by it all!

The members of BTS are loved by ARMYs worldwide, and since debuting, fans have been willing to risk it all for the group. Yet, as their popularity has risen, it seems like everyone is falling in love with the group, and they’re not afraid to show it.

Recently, the members attended an event as BTS was appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for the World EXPO 2030, Busan, South Korea. 

BTS receiving their awards | @Kpop_herald/Twitter

During the ceremony, each of the members was presented with their own award to showcase the huge achievement.

Although it was a very important and professional event, it seems that even those handing out the awards couldn’t help but fanboying. While the first three members were handed their awards and did a traditional photo opportunity, it changed with J-Hope.

For the group’s youngest members, each time they were handed the award, the person with them turned the exchange into some kind of heart.

Those handing out the awards to the final four members caught the attention of fans for making sure to turn the normal photo opportunity into a fanboy moment *with finger hearts.* Yet, one moment with BTS’s V truly caught the attention of fans.

After the main ceremony had ended, the group took some more pictures with everyone who was involved in the event.

Yet, as the crowd dispersed, eagled-eyed netizens noticed that one of the attendees took off his mask and was seen saying something to BTS’s V.

The man was Jang Sung Min, the director general for policy planning for the current president. He was also the person that was seen earlier in the event putting the badge on V.

After whispering something to V, Jang Sun Min then went up to V and suddenly lifted his arms up in celebration. The funniest thing was that, as it happened, V looked extremely confused by everything that was happening.

Despite the confusion, Jang Sung Min politely thanked V for the photo opportunity. The idol continued to showcase his respectfulness by bowing before returning to the rest of BTS.

When the clip was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t stop laughing at the behavior of the director general when he was around V. Many joked that Jang Sung Min risked it all to get that photo, and it seemed more like a fanmeeting than an official event.

Some even joked that Jang Sung Min represented all ARMYs, idols, and those who love BTS worldwide!

As always, even those in high positions can’t help but show their love for BTS. Even though the group is known for their music, BTS has done so much for important causes, and it’s always heartwarming to see them being appreciated for it.

Source: 2030부산세계박람회 유치 공식 유튜브 채널