BTS V’s Past Question Resurfaces And Goes Viral For Fielding Opposite Answers From Korean And International Fans

International and Korean fans had totally opposite reactions.

BTS V’s question that he had asked previously resurfaces due to the opposite reactions it garnered from Korean and international fans.

On March 6, a post in an online community went viral. In the post titled, “International Fans Are Saying No, While Korean Fans Are Saying It’s Ok To BTS V’s Question,” the author shared a funny anecdote about when BTS’s V had asked a question.

This happened at the end of 2021. BTS’s V uploaded himself cooking ramen to his Instagram story. He then asked a question on (a messenger app).

— Post’s author

The post’s author then uploaded a question that BTS’s V had previously asked. In a messenger app, V uploaded a picture of a package of kimchi. The picture reveals that the kimchi is around two months old and has passed its labeled expiration date by a month. The idol then asks his fan if it is alright to still eat it.

Question. This is Bibigo kimchi, but since it becomes ‘aged kimchi’ if it passes its expiration date, it should be alright to eat, right?

— V

International fans, understandably, commented that V shouldn’t eat the kimchi since it had passed its expiration date. Fans worried for the idol’s health and expressed their concerns about him eating food that had gone passed its expiration date.

Korean fans, however, showed an unexpectedly different reaction to BTS’s V eating the “expired” kimchi.

  • “As long as it isn’t moldy, it’s fine.”
  • “Oppa, you know that ‘old kimchi‘ is actually the tastiest, right?”
  • “It’s actually better (if it’s aged), you know this.”

The reason why Korean fans were fine with V eating the “expired” kimchi is that kimchi is a fermented dish, and therefore as long as it is stored properly, it can last for years.

Kimchi that is one month old (left), three years old (middle), and seven years old (right) |

In Korea, kimchi is usually made in large batches in November/December and is eaten by families throughout the year.

A family making kimchi |

As the seasons change, so do the kimchi’s taste, fragrance, and texture. Many Koreans actually prefer the taste of aged kimchi to freshly made batches.

Fresh kimchi (left) vs aged kimchi (right) |

Netizens expressed that they, too, prefer to eat aged kimchi and stated it would have been more than okay for V to have eaten the kimchi that was just a month passed its expiration date and only two months old.

| theqoo
  • “It (aged kimchi) is actually better, you know.”
  • “If it’s a month (passed the expiration date), then it is perfect to put in the broth.”
  • “If you don’t open the package, then it doesn’t even ripen as fast, so the expiration date really doesn’t matter.”
  • “That kimchi is basically brand new, LOL.”
  • “LOL, it’s tasty kimchi.”
  • “I prefer this (my kimchi aged). If you make fried rice with it, it is tasty AF, LOL.”
  • “I eat kimchi that is years old.”
  • “If he didn’t open the package, then it probably isn’t that ripe, LOL. It’s actually better (when the kimchi is aged).

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Source: theqoo


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