BTS’s V Is Blowing Up Everyone’s Weverse Notifications Again

V challenged fans to play a game by his rules.

Ding. Ding. Ding! If your phone has been getting non-stop notifications this week, BTS‘s might be to blame for it!


At around 4 AM on January 15 (KST), BTS‘s and Jungkook went on a posting spree that involved playing word games, breaking rules, releasing a song cover, and waking up Jin.


Between the two of them, V and Jungkook caused dozens of Weverse notifications that had fans wondering what the heck was going on!


After all that posting, you’d think they give it a rest, but no. V is back at it again! On the night of January 15 (KST), he commented on more ARMY posts. Then, he invited fans to play a game of Battleground with him.


To play, fans had to abide by these five rules.

Okay! I got an ID from a staff at the office. Rules!

1. Do not share my character ID! Do not add me as a friend either! (I want to keep playing)

2. Do not screenshot (The ID will show, right?)

3. Anyone who wants to play a fun round are welcome! All languages okay too

4. Please don’t get frustrated because I haven’t played in a long time and I’m not that good. I’ll try my best though

5. No chitchatting, just focus on the game

It’s a PC game! If you can follow all those rules, please leave me your nickname with a funny comment 10 minutes from now and I’ll invite you (emoji)


V was hyped about winning, but according to fans, he ended up “dying” right away. Game over!


Battleground with V was short and sweet, but fans probably won’t have to wait long for Round 2. With the way V has been posting lately, he could be the next member to win a Weverse attendance award!

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