BTS’s V Was Seen With A Book And It Immediately Shot Up To The Best Seller List

It was all thanks to V’s influence!

BTS‘s V was recently spotted at the airport, holding a book. He was simply holding it over his face as he was surprised by the sudden crowd of press and fans taking photos.


But within just a matter of days, that very book shot up to the best seller list in Korea! The book was listed as a popular read among men in their 20’s, but it soon changed to a popular read among women in their 30’s since V was spotted reading the book.


The book is titled, “The Power Of Words”, written by Shin Do Hyun and Yoon Naru. It introduces eight different stages of improving your speaking skills from basic to advanced. It uses many of Western and Eastern classics and thinkers to help the reader speak better.


The book became so popular that many booksellers began to advertise it was “BTS V’s book”!


Many fans and non-fans who read the book thanks to V’s influence left highly positive comments about the lessons they’ve learned.

  • “I ordered the book because I was curious what BTS’s V was reading. I was touched by the quote from the book, ‘In order to start speaking well, people need to know who they are and try to become a good person.'”
  • “BTS’s V speaks calmly with depth and thought. I became interested in the book because [V] thinks before he speaks and communicates well.”
  • “My favorite quote from Taehyung’s book is ‘Through my words, I can leave a good influence on my surrounding.'”
  • “I want to read this book and speak beautifully like V does.”


They also praised V for his ability to speak and communicate with depth and feeling. For example, he created the phrase, “I purple you.“, which means “I will trust and love you for a long time.” The phrase is used worldwide among fans and non-fans alike.


Someone needs to write a book titled “The Power Of V”!

Source: Segye