BTS’s V Sends His Prayers For Those Affected By The Taal Volcano Disaster

Millions of people are in danger due to the natural disaster.

With the developing news of the Taal Volcano disaster taking place in the Philippines, one ARMY asked the rest of the fandom to pray together for the country and everyone affected by the natural disaster.

Everyone, please help the Filipino ARMYs… Please.

— BTS Fan


In response to the fan, V uploaded his own prayers for those affected and wished natural disasters would come to a stop.

My hurts a lot these days. I sincerely hope no one gets hurt and that nature stops hurting people. Please🙏..

— V


The fan and V are referring to the Taal Volcano in the Philippines. The volcano began spewing up massive amounts of ash on Sunday. The government has now declared a “complete evacuation” of the millions of people living in its vicinity.

The volcano was also given an alert rating of 4 out of 5, which means that the volcano may start an “explosive eruption” that can violently throw magma in the upcoming couple of hours or days.

The country is on high alert as many are evacuating the city and people all around the world are praying for their safety.

Source: CNN